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Poopers - 'cos everyone has to poop!

Poopers - 'cos everyone has to poop!

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Problems with your pooper?
Backed up the batty?
Spend all day grunting and only get out warm brown air?


Gall bladder remove and you have constant mud-butt?
Got the squits and afraid to cough?

We know these problems too well!

But fear not, friends, help is on the way! These fine capsules may look unassuming…but they are turd ninjas! Shart enforcement! Special ops colon warriors!

Made with 100% organic or wildcrafted herbs, they unplug blockages and solidify leaks that have had you popping veins pooping and clenching while you laugh.

These stealth warriors gently remove years of built up grime you didn’t even know was there.
Before you know it, you’ll be blowing incredible mud logs with the best of them!

Take 1-3 before bed, down with some water and wait for the perfect aromatic delight that will permeate your bathroom in the morning.



*Cascara Sagrada

*Turkey Rhubarb


*Barberry Bark

*Fennel Seed

*Lobelia Leaf

**Red Raspberry Leaf





As always with any herbal remedy - they are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any condition. 

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