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Elderberry alcohol extract - Potent!

Elderberry alcohol extract - Potent!

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Ahh it's that time of year again where everyone is promoting consumption of copious amounts of boiled elderberry syrup. It's also that time of year that makes us cringe knowing many of the benefits are getting obliterated in the heat!

We have 3 different options for our elderberry products:

This is the alcohol extract. It is the least tasty but the most potent. 

The elderberry syrup is an alcohol-free extract in honey. Delicious, powerful and suitable for children. 

Our elderberry elixir is a wonderful combination of the two. There's the potency of the alcohol extract and the delicious flavour of the syrup. 

Ingredients: wild harvested black elderberries, brandy wine, cinnamon*, cloves*, astragalus*.



If you're interested in knowing more about elderberries, read on! They're quite fascinating :)  Here are some of the basics...


Red elders - traditionally used to purge the body of sickness via diarrhoea and vomiting. Raw seeds can be harmful so we suggest not consuming these unless you know what you’re doing.

Blue elders - consume in moderation.

Black - go for it but still consume sensibly if having raw.


Boiling kills so much of the elderberry’s power. Every single study on their benefit is done on elderberry *extract* & never the boiled berry!




Vitamin C

antioxidant flavanols

- quercetin is used to mop up free radicals, has anti-inflammatory properties

- kaempferol is used to mop up free radicals, has anti-inflammatory properties & has been demonstrated to help protect the liver & development of metabolic diseases

- isorhamnetin...studies have shown the properties to be anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory.



- strong antioxidants that have anti-inflammatory properties.

*Elderberry is an important source of redox-active anthocyanins.

*Elderberry anthocyanins can work as mitochondrial electron-carrier.

*Anthocyanins can help protect cells from toxicity.

*Neuroprotection involves cell redox state & mitochondria functionality modulation.


phenolic acids

- protocatechuic acid, animal trials demonstrate properties beneficial for atherosclerosis, potential neuroprotection.

- chlorogenic acid, used by diabetics, has anti-inflammatory & anti-obesity properties

Rutin - anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory.


But the kicker is that the VAST MAJORITY of these benefits are killed off during the heating process. It sure is a tasty syrup when boiled on the stove & has a load of sugar or honey added to it, though ;)


As a wonderful alternative - we present to you our elderberry extract. It contains wild harvested black elderberries, brandy wine, cinnamon*, cloves*, astragalus*.



If you would prefer an alcohol free option that is more palatable and better suited for children, please head over to the syrups and tonics page and check out the wonderful elderberry syrup option there!



Recommended dosage:

Children 2-3 years - up to 7 drops

Children 4-13 years - up to 13 drops

Adults 14 years+ - 30 drops or 1mL

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