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Cold Sore Balm

Cold Sore Balm

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A wonderfully soothing balm that helps to soothe cold sores quickly.

May provide relief for all HSV sores.


This balm contains: Lemon balm - Cooling and soothing, with its antiviral properties may help to reduce severity of an HSV outbreak Goldenseal - contains berberine which may help fight infections caused by bacteria and viruses Lysine - an essential amino acid that has many benefits. It may help to prevent cold sores, reduce anxiety and promoting wound healing Garlic - One of its primary active compounds is allicin, which has strong antiviral properties Skullcap - nerve tonic and anti-inflammatory agent Spearmint - May have a positive impact on HSV virus - read this study for more insight. Recommended use is to begin using this balm at the first tingle, even if no skin eruptions have appeared. It is also recommended you take it with a minimum of 3000mg lysine daily for even faster elimination. We supply a pure source of lysine which you can add to your order.

As with any healing you are wishing to gain, diet and lifestyle are always very important. It is recommended that you avoid refined sugars, get good sleep and do what you can in this crazy world to avoid excessive and prolonged stress. Our 'Natural Calm' tincture or capsules might be the perfect support you need. 

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